Custom Design & Fabrication

3DGS technology releases designers from 2D device design constraints and their resulting parasitic losses. With the ability to incorporate air cavities that isolate signals from ground and other neighboring signal interference, 3D designs eliminate conventional 2D constraints. Micron-level precision allows for many different design possibilities and the ability to truly integrate components like never before. Contact 3DGS engineers and learn more.

PDK for IPDs

3DGS has partnered with National Instruments and its AWR Software Group to provide designers with process design kits (PDKs) for our glass-based RF passive devices. Click here to learn more about the current 3DGS PDKs from AWR.

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Precise, micron-scale cavities can be created using 3DGS fabrication techniques with no chipping, fractures or breaks. Create cavities of any shape or size, with depths of up to 800 µm.

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Through Glass Vias (TGVs)

For 2.5D and 3D IC packaging, TGVs are a critical technology for enabling continued device miniaturization, improved performance and lower-cost processing. 3DGS has perfected the technique, with scalable manufacturing for repeatable high quality.

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APEX® Glass Technology and Properties

3DGS’ patented APEX® glass is unlike other glass substrates in that processing transforms patterned areas of the substrate to become ceramic, while others remain glass. Etching of the ceramic areas creates 3D microstructures while maintaining the integrity of the glass area. The process allows a low-cost, high-volume, wafer-level production solution ideal for miniaturized, high performance electronic devices.

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