Military Aerospace and Avionics

Today’s warfighter and defense RF front end solutions are expensive, have long development cycles, and are not scalable to meet today’s advanced communication needs.  What’s more, traditional passive devices are at the end of their innovation development cycle, making it increasingly difficult to improve Quality Factor (Q) and Self-Resonance Frequency (SRF) to operate at increased frequencies (e.g. millimeter wave).  

The unique attributes of 3DGS technology and manufacturing techniques bypass limitations of legacy passive device and front end packaging materials.    Our patented manufacturing techniques facilitate construction of precise 3D features such as through holes, cavities and metal patterns in glass substrates.  3DGS proprietary glass-ceramic material’s coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and material strength are ideal for long-life, high-reliability, mission-critical systems.

Uniquely, the 3DGS solution is scalable and highly adaptable, allowing the production of all types of RF components and custom applications.  Read more about our customized solutions.