5G Infrastructure

5G represents a significant challenge for passive device manufactures, as conventional passives having a decreasing Quality Factor (Q) and Self Resonating Frequency (SRF) at 5G frequencies (5 GHz – 40 GHz). Infrastructure system components and requirements are demanding:

  • Next generation cellular infrastructure includes fronthaul, backhaul, cell towers, and point-to-point.
  • Sub-6 GHz infrastructure requires the integration of narrow bands in limited frequency ranges where traditional filters such as FBAR and other acoustic filters do not work well.
  • Millimeter wave and terahertz frequencies require extremely low-loss substrates with micron-scale precision features (1-2 microns precision) not available in high performance printed circuit boards or other machined components.

High performance 5G telecom infrastructure solutions are available thanks to the ingenuity of 3DGS. Our passive device technology enables higher efficiency power amplifiers, better antennas, more precise filtering, and high-level passive device integration (IPD). With 3DGS, designers can integrate these higher frequency bands around other legacy bands (LTE and WiFi coexistence).

A wide range of product solutions can be produced, including discrete components (inductors and capacitors), RF and millimeter wave passives (filters and antennas) and substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) RF front ends – all which are used in customer applications for frequencies that range from 0.5 GHz to 200+ GHz.

Using 3DGS patented glass material with an optimal coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high material strength, high frequency applications at high performance are now possible. Our unique manufacturing method enables precise, micron-scale RF features, integrated shielding, and the incorporation of air dielectrics for low-loss, high Q, low parasitic loss passive devices.

Scalable, flexible, simple and elegant, 3DGS technology allows production of all types of RF components and custom applications to meet the varying volume demands of 5G handsets and infrastructure systems.

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