RF Discrete Components

3DGS utilizes the unique electrical and physical properties of glass ceramics to make high-frequency passive devices for the GHz frequency range. Implementing standard semiconductor manufacturing methods, 3DGS is able to design three-dimensional components with wet etching in dilute acids to create 3D microstructures within glass substrates, using air as a dielectric, to produce High-Q devices with low cross-talk and parasitic losses. The integration of air as the dialectic constant (Dk) limits loss from crossover and improves performance across the spectrum from 1 to 300 GHz. 3DGS designs are delivering superior performance with less leakage, better signal integrity, and longer battery life.


Custom discrete capacitors provide the highest quality (Q) in the smallest form factor. Broad power handling and frequency capabilities for modern RF are enabled by 3DGS technology.

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3DGS’ patented 3D architecture enables extreme design freedom, resulting in high precision windings with precise nH values and exceptional Q. Common IPC footprints and custom inductor designs can be achieved.

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3DGS manufactures resistors on glass using TaN thin films.

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