PDK for IPDs


IPD PDK for fast designs to production

Developed in partnership with National Instruments, this PDK has been built to work exclusively under the AWR Analyst environment.  This IPD PDK leverages 3D Glass Solutions’ unique High Q glass manufacturing technique.  Users can use this PDK to create complete custom devices with accurate RF modeling of device performance.  With this tool, a designer can build an IPD product with full 3D simulation within days. 

Key features include:

  • Symbols and schematics
  • Fully scalable layout PCells
    • For both inductors and capacitors
    • Quasi-State PCells with RF accuracy
  • Accurate EM simulation featuring:
    • Pre-defined substrate definitions and stackups
    • Pre-configured simulation settings
  • Built-in Design Rule Checker (DRC)


For guidance and support, the PDK includes 9 PCells:

  • 5 fully parameterized PCell models for Capacitors
  • 4 full parameterized PCell models for Inductors