ADAS/5G/6G Radio on Glass (RoG)

3DGS has developed a patented ultra-low-loss empty Substrate Integrated Waveguide (eSIW) technology for high frequency Antenna-in-Package (AiP) and Radio-on-Glass (RoG) applications between 60 and 300GHz. This technology integrates all the necessary elements for a full RF Front-End into a single device, making it ideal for Automotive Radar 5G, and 6G applications.

To demonstrate this high-performance technology, 3DGS has partnered with Nokia Bell Labs to create a 64-element 79GHz antenna for ADAS applications and a novel 64 element TxRx D-Band (150GHz) Transceiver.

Radio on Glass (RoG) Video

Shahriar Shahramian, Director of Sensing and Communication Devices research Group at Nokia Bell Laboratories talk about the work they are doing on D-Band communications for backhaul point-to-point communications at 170GHz.

Radio on Glass (RoG) Building Blocks

3D Glass Solutions’ APEX® Glass enables the design and fabrication of highly precise electronic devices, with dielectric properties close to air, resulting in extremely low signal loss and systems-level integration for next generation RF Front Ends.

Transmission Line
Create low loss (<0.2dB/cm) transmission for redistribution

Create low loss slot antennas with high gain and high fractional band width

Iris Filter
Create low loss filters and matching elements using waveguide iris filters

Create low loss splitters and combiners

Create ultra-low loss RFIC copper pillar to eSIW waveguide transitions with <0.25dB of loss

ADAS Antenna

Measured and simulated S11 and gain of a 79GHz ADAS antenna developed with 3DGS’ eSIW technology

6G Antenna

Measured and simulated S11 and gain of a 150GHz 6G antenna developed with 3DGS’ eSIW technology

A Scalable, Cost-Effective, Process for your Product

3DGS has developed a detailed product development kit to support customers who want to leverage 3DGS unique eSIW architecture for their product design.

The development kit provides known good design parameters to build custom products in a cost-effective process that can easily scale to meet your market demand.

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