3DGS designs and manufactures passive devices in glass that include integrated passive devices (IPDs), mmWave filters, WiFi couplers, RF inductors and capacitors that deliver superior performance compared to other devices of similar size and footprint. Collaborating with customers on unique designs, 3DGS manufactures components for power amplifier devices, precision laser diodes, fiber aligners and couplers that are being used in high-speed data centers and servers. Telecom and aerospace applications also benefit from 3DGS technology, where co-development is delivering high gain broadband antennas, substrate integrated waveguides and low loss antenna feed networks designed for satellites, military aircraft and high-speed infrastructure.

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RF Discrete Components

3DGS inductors using our patented 3D architecture enable extreme design freedom. High precision ‘windings’ create precise nH values with exceptional Q, which is typically 2x to 3x that of high-performance, coil-wound inductors with superior precision of nH and Q at >1GHz frequency. Common IPC footprints as well as custom designs can be achieved.

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Integrated Passive Devices

3DGS technology allows RF designs to create high performance IPDs. With 3DGS techniques, integration of 3D inductors, MIM capacitors, thin film resistors, resonator cavities and integrated in-part shielding are possible. 3D-designed IPDs eliminate parasitic crossovers and are very low loss.

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Antennas with integrated feed networks and baluns can be created with exceptional gain and high isolation to ground. The ability of 3DGS technology to manufacture precise features and ‘floating’ transmission lines means considerably better performance than PCB or LTCC-based structures.

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Precision micro-features enabled by 3DGS technology are capable of being integrated with fiber optics for fiber aligners, delivering hole-to-hole alignment of less than 1.5 µm, even in an array structure. Other photonic components include bridges and submounts.

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Thermal solutions include thermal vias with excellent thermal transfer capabilities of over 100 W/m-K. Thermal features can also be used as fully-integrated shielding and grounding solutions for interposers and substrates.

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Interposers and Substrates

Glass-based interposers for SiP and AiP as well as photonic modules are made possible by 3DGS-enabled integration of semiconductor devices, SMT components and IPDs directly onto interposers.

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Custom Design & Fabrication

3DGS technology releases designers from 2D device design constraints and their resulting parasitic losses. With the ability to incorporate air cavities that isolate signals from ground and other neighboring signal interference, 3D designs eliminate conventional 2D constraints. Micron-level precision allows for many different design possibilities and the ability to truly integrate components like never before. Contact 3DGS engineers to talk about your application ambitions.

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ADAS/5G/6G Radio on Glass (RoG)

3DGS has developed a patented ultra-low-loss empty Substrate Integrated Waveguide (eSIW) technology for high frequency Antenna-in-Package (AiP) and Radio-on-Glass (RoG) applications between 60 and 300GHz. This technology integrates all the necessary elements for a full RF Front-End into a single device, making it ideal for Automotive Radar 5G, and 6G applications.

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