Through Glass Vias (TGVs)


Through Glass Vias (TGVs) represent a critical technology for next generation 2.5D and 3D IC packaging and are a key enabler of high performance devices requiring low cost manufacturing. APEX® Glass enables the production of TGV’s with accurate placement of TGV’s using a high-volume batch processing method.  We utilize a non-mechanical chemical etch to achieve unparalleled quality of the TGV’s that minimizes problems, such as structural integrity, that laser ablation and ultrasonic milling introduces to the process. 


Legacy packaging materials, such as laminates, alumina, and silicon, possess performance limiting factors such as surface roughness, processing costs, minimum feature size, and poor RF material properties.


APEX® Glass overcomes many of the limitations associated with traditional packaging materials by providing a manufacturing process to create small, densely packed through hole arrays with industry leading electrical redistribution capability. 

APEX® Glass enables the highest level of systems integration onto a single material platform where customers can integrate sensors, MEMS, logic, memory, and passives into a single electronic package. 

  • Anisotropic via sidewall angles >88o
  • Aspect ratios of up to 10:1
  • Through Glass Via diameters down to 30µm
  • Multiple diameters on the same package
  • Tight process control ensures consistent product performance
  • Edge-to-edge spacing as small as 10µm
  • Unique Through Glass Via structures such as squares, lines, ovals, corporate logos, and others


3D Glass Solutions provides complete glass systems integration services, including through hole formation, through hole copper filling, and various redistribution metallizations and solder dam additions.  

Copper filled vias deliver performance advantages and features:

  • 100% copper for low electrical resistivity
  • 100% metal-filled TGVs with no voids
  • Filled TGVs with aspect ratios as high as 6:1
  • Metal-filled TGVs as small as 30µm in diameter

We work closely with our customers to provide prototyping, low and high-volume manufacturing.