5G Handsets

5G represents a significant challenge for passive device manufactures, as 5G frequencies (5 GHz to 40 GHz) aren’t compatible with the decreasing Quality Factor (Q) and Self Resonating Frequency (SRF) of older-generation passive devices.

5G handsets contain significantly more frequency bands over LTE while decreasing available space for the RF front end (RFFE). This requires more integration at the passive device level. For example, a typical 4G handset may contain 2,000 passives, whereas 5G handsets contain upwards of 10,000 passives. There is no choice; integration is a necessity.

Fortunately, 3DGS innovation has resolved the challenges associated with legacy passive devices and traditional front end packaging materials. Our passive device technology enables higher efficiency power amplifiers, better antennas, more precise filtering, and high-level passive device integration (IPD). Designers now have the freedom to integrate these higher frequency bands in the available space of the RFFE.

3DGS product solutions range from discrete components (inductors and capacitors) to RF and millimeter wave passives (filters and antennas) to full heterogeneous integrated RF front ends. You’ll find 3DGS product in applications with frequencies from 0.5GHz to 200+ GHz.

The proprietary 3DGS glass material has an ideal coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), material strength, high frequency application capability. Our unique manufacturing method enables precise RF shielding and the incorporation of air dielectric for low-loss, high Q, low parasitic loss passive devices.

Adaptable, scalable and highly flexible, 3DGS technology facilitates volume production of all types of RF components, custom applications and unique feature sets. Contact our team to discuss your requirements or collaborate on a new design.