IPD Matching Networks


3DGS IPD-ready components improve impedance matching networks with high efficiency energy transfer and reduced losses. Significantly improve Power Amplifier efficiency performance compared to planar Silicon or Glass IPDs.

Our process produces full-3D structures by producing inductors and capacitors through the glass substrate.  This provides our customers with the following benefits.

  • For frequencies up to 6GHz
  • High-Q 3D inductors with Q>90 vs. silicon planar inductors with Q<30
  • High-Q 3D capacitors with Q>200 versus silicon planar capacitors with Q<100
  • 3D capacitors with 3,000V breakdown
  • Simplified low-cost integration of shunt inductor and capacitor
  • Affordable NRE costs
  • Full feature product design kit (PDK)
  • SMT and wire bonding solutions available
  • Designs smaller than 1mm x 1mm
  • Single port or Multi-port networks


IPD impedance matching networks provide an excellent solution to maximize system performance for a variety of devices including amplifiers, antennas, transceivers, RF Front ends, and Multi-chip modules (MCM). 

3D Glass Solution’s technology enables dense integration of LC matching networks into a single monolithic device. Matching networks may consist of a single unit or an array of matching network units (e.g. 1×4 or 1×8).  Additionally, unlike other silicon and glass solutions, 3DGS’ manufacturing technique simplifies the addition of shunt inductors and capacitors.