3DGS Signs License for Advanced TGV formation process from Corning

Capability to address formation in semiconductor grade glasses such as HPFS and for applications including HPC (High Performing Computing, GPU/CPU packaging), MEMS, and Photonics.

data center Si Photonics


APEX® Glass Photosensitive Glass Ceramic

Pure Glass Capability Types of Glass

CTE 9.0 0.0-7.0
3D Features Via and cavities Vias
Material Type Glass-Ceramic HPFS, Eagle XG, AF32 & other
Applications  RF, photonics RF, photonics, MEMS, and high performance computing (HPC)
Format Wafers Wafers and Panels

Key features include:

  • High volume manufacturing process
  • Targeting glasses with CTE matched to Silicon chips
  • Produce a variety of TGV sizes, aspect ratios, and patterns (custom production ready)
  • Tech Platform has ability to fully integrate RF and Digital components on single, heterogeneous solution
    • See image below