Precision micro-features enabled by 3DGS technology are capable of being integrated with fiber optics for fiber aligners, delivering hole-to-hole alignment of less than 1.5 µm, even in an array structure.  Other photonic components include bridges and submounts.

RF Bridges
Impedance – matched custom RF bridges improve circuit-to-circuit electrical connections. The use of 3DGS glass delivers low loss performance and easy device handling.
Diode Sub-Mounts
Laser submount edge wraps using precision 3DGS manufacturing techniques allow improved performance and reduced package size. Micron footprints, precision angles and integrated electrical connections are now possible.
Fiber Aligners
3DGS technology allows precise creation of high-density fiberoptic arrays that simplify integration, alignment and assembly to reduce cost. Hole-to-hole alignment of less than 0.5 um can be achieved.