Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)

3DGS technology allows RF designs to create high performance IPDs. With 3DGS techniques, integration of 3D inductors, MIM capacitors, thin film resistors, resonator cavities and integrated in-part shielding are possible. 3D-designed IPDs eliminate parasitic crossovers and are very low loss.

5G and WiFi Coexistence
Sub 6 GHz 5g n79 5 band can interfere with 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels. 3DGS High Pass/Low Pass IPD Filters are small size and easily integrated with SAW/BAW Filters to solve WiFi co-existence issues.
5G GaN PA Matching Networks
3DGS Matching Network IPD’s perform better than MMIC solutions and at lower cost points. 3DGS IPD solutions can allow the GaN PA to run closer to saturation and achieve 3-5% efficiency advantage.
5G mmWave Bandpass Filters
3DGS offers custom design and fabrication of mmWave filters to meet the most stringent performance needs.
LC Resonators
3DGS LC resonators integrate High Q 3D inductors (Q>90) and capacitors (Q>200) as a single device for oscillators and timing circuits. Ultra-thin, these devices are easily incorporated into PLL IC packages and MCMs.