PDK for IPDs

Process Design Kit Enabled by the CADENCE AWR Microwave Office Design Environment


IPD PDK - seamless design flow from schematic layout to full 3D EM analysis and production


Developed in partnership with Cadence's AWR software team, this PDK has been built to work exclusively under the AWR Analyst environment. Cadence Microwave Office Version 16.01 or later and a valid license key from Cadence are necessary to use the PDK.  Leveraging 3D Glass Solutions' industry-leading photo sensitive glass manufacturing techniques, users can create complete custom devices with accurate RF modeling of device performance. By leveraging this tool, designers can build an IPD product with full 3D simulation in days. 

Please email PDK.Support@3DGSinc.com with any questions, feedback, or to inquire about obtaining the PDK.

Key features include:

  • 3DGS' industry-leading high Q 3D inductors
  • MIM and via array (optimal for <0.2 pF) capacitors
  • Integrated design rule checker enabling quick design to production cycles that also analyzes features as a function of glass thickness
  • Fast design time facilitated by a variety of PCells for series and shunt capacitors, inductors (singled and coupled), solder balls, and via fence/arrays (used for isolation/heat dissipation).
  • "Smart" features built in to reduce EM simulation time without compromising performance accuracy
  • A layer stackup that reflects 3DGS' latest ISO certified process