Improve Performance with Reduced Package Size

Micro-cavities fabricated in APEX® Glass outperform traditional ultrasonic milling or standard wet-etching techniques, enabling customers to do more in a significantly smaller package.

A wide range of customers across multiple industries benefit from the APEX® Glass material properties or fabrication advantages over alternative materials:  legacy glasses, silicon, and polymers.

Wide Variety of Capabilities

  • Precise, micron-scaled, dimensional control for exact volumes
  • Straight sidewalls (<2 degrees) ensures efficient wafer scale production
  • Robust chemical and thermal compatibility
  • No edge chipping, fractures, or breaks; no sub-surface damage ensures high reliability
  • Cavities of any shape or size
  • Create cavities as deep as 800 microns
  • Integrate cavities with adjacent or in-cavity copper filled vias for electrical connections
  • Integrate cavities with sidewall angles of up to 45 degrees
  • Cavities with multiple shapes, sizes and depths can be integrated on the same chip
  • Create micro-cavities for wafer-level packages

End User Applications

Cell phone sensors Lid/Base electronic packages
Optoelectronics CCD image sensors
Electronic connectors Mechanical spacers
Ink jet printer heads Lab-on-a-chip

Highly Customized Process

Due to the high variety of applications and our ability to tailor our process to meet your needs, requirements are best discussed with our engineering staff.  Let us help you by contacting us directly.