3D Glass Solutions produces glass-based electronic packaging and micro-components utilizing our patented photo-sensitive glass material,  APEX® Glass.  We offer design and device consultation, complete prototyping, and cost-competitive high-volume production.  Our global customers include Tier 1 integrated circuit manufacturers, photonic component suppliers, and defense contractors.



Our foundry services are based on your custom designs in which we employ three basic steps to provide complete turn-key solutions:  Design  -  Prototype  -  Production


We work very closely with our customers to adapt their designs for manufacturing in APEX® Glass.  The earlier 3D Glass Solutions is involved in the product concept and design, the more benefits can be realized in the final design as we lend our expertise in glass product design, layout, and production.

Optimization of the product design maximizes throughput time, yield, cost, and manufacturing.


Next, we transition the design into an engineering prototypeto meet customer requirements.  This work often times includes engineering splits to evaluate unique or individual manufacturing steps in the processing.  Rapid prototyping turns of 6 weeks minimize time to market.

Once feasibility is demonstrated, microfabrication is iterated to demonstrate pilot production volumes on a documented baseline process flow.


Production begins with the strategic implementation of

  1. a clear and defined strategy to fabricate micro-devices at a cost point acceptable to the customer, and
  2. physical production. 

This work focuses on optimization of cycle times, manufacturing yield, decreasing costs, and improving quality to meet the customers’ requirements. All design, prototyping, and production are executed within our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).  

Do you have a design in mind?  Let us help you.