Low-Loss Integrated Passive Devices

Chip-to-board and chip-to-chip interconnects are a significant contributor of unwanted parasitic losses in today's lumped element devices. 3D Glass Solutions' integrated passive device (IPD) technology significantly reduces these losses by embedding capacitors, inductors, filters, baluns, and combiners into a single monolithic device leading to an electronic device with reduced footprint, reduced energy consumption, and improved RF performance.

Custom integrated passive devices from 3D Glass Solutions are used in a wide variety of wireless applications where low-loss and compact device size matter. Three dimensional IPDs fabricated in our proprietary glass possess improved performance over traditional silicon or planar glass IPD products, with greater design flexibility and integration capability.

Glass-based RF IPDs enable high performance components for IoT connectivity, LTE, sub-6 GHz 5G, 28 GHz 5G, and satellite communications:

  • Low insertion loss RF filters (demonstrated < 0.2dB at 4 GHz)
  • Small footprint (< 2 mm x 2 mm)
  • High current handling

Embedded inductors, capacitors, broadband devices, interposers, and transmission lines in custom SiP designs have been qualified through a variety of JEDEC and IPC testing standards, including vibration, shock, thermocycling, and moisture.

Custom Integrated Passive Device (IPD) Designs for RF and Wireless Applications

Your devices, better.

Your custom OEM designs are transformed into a glass-based design. We fabricate a unique integrated passive device built to your specifications and performance criteria.

Device connection options include SMT, flip-chip, and wire-bonding.

Devices fabricated in our proprietary APEX(R) Glass typically demonstrate:

  • up to 70% smaller footprints
  • up to 50% lower power consumption
  • 10x higher bandwidth for both 5GHz and 28GHz 5G applications
  • up to 90% lower insertion loss over competitive SMT RF Filters
Specifications/Options Description
Devices Capacitors, inductors, filters, baluns, transceivers, receivers, interconnects, interposers
Frequency Ranges 0.5 - 100GHz
IPD Filter Insertion Loss Demonstrated <0.2 dB at 4 GHz
Current Handling >0.5 Amps
Connectors SMT, flip-chip, wirebond
Compliance ROHS compliant, Lead-free

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