High Q, Low Loss Microwave LC Resonators

Microwave frequency LC resonators deliver High-Q performance in a small compact footprint with sub-1dB insertion loss and >20dB rejection.  Our LC resonators consist of High-Q 3D inductors with Q>90 and High-Q 3D capacitors with Q>200 as a single device solution for oscillators and timing circuits.  These ultra-thin devices integrate seamlessly within Synthesizer/PLL integrated circuit packages and multi-chip modules (MCM). 

Robust Designs

The monolithic package is very robust providing high resistance to shock and vibration. Applications include high stability microwave frequency voltage controlled oscillators(VCO) and clock functions for integrated circuits. 


Packaging options are customizable to the application.  Common packaging interconnects include SMT, wire bonded, and gold stud bumped approaches.

Specifications/Options Description
Devices LC resonators
Frequency Ranges 1 - 14 GHz
Insertion Loss Typically <1.0 dB
Current Handling 5 watts
Connectors SMT, wire bond, gold stud bumped
Compliance ROHS compliant, Lead-free

LC resonator devices have been qualified through a variety of JEDEC and IPC testing standards, including vibration, shock, thermocycling, and moisture.

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