Advisory Board

Jeffery Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham is a senior financial analyst and investments team member at Lockheed Martin Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation. In this capacity, Jeff has responsibility for investments in technology companies that support Lockheed Martin’s strategic business objectives.  Jeff has an undergraduate degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Jeff Bullington

Mr. Bullington is a co-founder of and Partner at MVP, an investment boutique that provides capital and management expertise within the areas of material science, photonics, and semiconductor technology. Mr. Bullington has held President, CEO and CTO roles with  several technology start-ups  and helped found semiconductor company Krysalis Corporation, biological immunology engineering firm VaxDesign sold to Sanofi, and ultra-short pulse laser company Raydiance sold to Coherent Laser. Jeff has numerous publications and he holds over 20 patents. 

Anastasia Canavan

Also a co-founder and Partner at MVP, Ms. Canavan has extensive experience in business development with both commercial and government organizations, including Department of Energy, Department of Defense (DARPA, US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army), Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration and the National Institutes of Health, for the advancement of disruptive high technologies.  She is a co-founder of successful start-up, Raydiance, Inc., which was born from work at the University of Central Florida, Ms. Canavan’s alma mater from which she obtained a B.S. in Political Science – International Relations.

Rodd Novak

Rodd Novak is the VP of Corporate Planning and Development for pSemi Corporation with more than 20 years of executive-level experience.  A well-rounded corporate strategist, he has successfully built and led international business divisions from inception to profitability.  Rodd originally joined pSemi in 2002 and held multiple positions including Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, Sales and Business Development.  Under his leadership, pSemi increased revenue at a 30% CAGR for 10yrs, created three business units and expanded its global sales network. Before that, Rodd held positions with CTS Corporation, Northrop Grumman/Xetron and interned at Comsat Laboratories.  Rodd received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati and his MBA from Xavier University.


Board of Directors

Advisory Board